The Clinton Humane Society, founded in 1941, is a Non-Profit animal shelter that is supported by donations from the community, fundraising, grants, and membership dues. We have one mission-to support and care for homeless and suffering animals. The shelter believes in advancing humane education, preventing animal cruelty and giving a voice to animals who cannot speak out and ask for help themselves.ABOUT THE CLINTON HUMANE SOCIETY

WE BELIEVE…in the Clinton Humane Society and its ongoing mission to care for the less fortunate animals in our community. Its 65 years of experience makes a difference and provides a vital service to the community.

WE BELIEVE…that no animal is disposable and that they are all valuable. All animals deserve a good home with loving and caring owners.

WE BELIEVE…that we must provide a voice for the animals that cannot speak out and ask for help themselves.

WE BELIEVE…that the Clinton Humane Society is a place of hope and compassion. Its mission to provide and care for suffering and homeless animals, to prevent cruelty to all animals, and to advance humane education, is as vital today as it will be one week, one month or one year from now.

If you believe as we do, please consider making a donation today. With your help, together we can make our beliefs become a reality. By making a tax-deductible charitable donation, you can help the Clinton Humane Society continue serving Clinton, Iowa and part of western Illinois.

Our greatest reward is when an animal is reunited or adopted to go home to a loving family. Will you help us continue our quest to help the animals that have come to us in need?? Please consider making a
tax-deductible charitable donation through PayPal by clicking on the “DONATE” button to the left of the page.