Oh, Shadow!! You deserve this wonderful family and they deserve you!! We knew a furever home would come your way!!









Nothing but the best for sweet Amerigo!! It’s a good sign when everyone in the picture has a smile on their face!! -Even the one in the middle with his tongue hanging out!!




he_jeromeJEROME (aka BUDDY)

We don’t think we’ve ever seen bigger smile than the ones in this picture!!! Looks like Buddy is going to be one happy dog in his new furever home!!!











This looks like the purrfect match for this trio!! Robby now has a furever home, which makes these two girls very, very happy!!





Oh sweet becca!! You are a very lucky girl!! You look so happy in your furever home!!
And your new furever family looks happy too!!






Jackson, our sweet little cocker now has a furever home… and everyone is all smiles, as you can see in this picture!! Happy endings put a smile on everybody’s face at the shelter too because we know it means another animal has another chance at a wonderful life!!





Maddock has purred his way into this lady’s heart and home!! And by the smiles, it looks like this is going to be the purrrfect match!!










Hey!! I hear someone has a new name!! Could it be Friday?? Sheldon pounced into a new family, a new furever home, and a new name!!! And he’s okay with that…in fact he sort of likes being called Friday!! In fact, he doesn’t care what they call him… so long as they don’t call him late for supper!!





Oh my little reindog!! You’ve waited patiently since before Christmas and now you’ve snuggled your way into a Happy Ending!! You look beautiful in your pink party dress, precious little Blaire!! We’re so happy for our little princess!!







Hey!! Who let the cat out of the bag?? This guy pussyfooted around ’til he found his way into a happy ending. Who could possibly say no to a face like this?? Those big pussycat eyes would make anyone melt!!






A new name and a new Furever Home for a little guy who used to go by the name of Sancho!! The newly named Vinnie is a very lucky little guy!!





A Furever home for Creamsicle!! This ball of fur has a new owner who is just beaming, as you can see in the picture!!





Annie is as happy as the dog is long!! And so is her new owner!! This new furever home is going to provide both the dog and the human with lots of companionship!!






A boy and his dog!! A family with smiles on everyone’s face… even Jericho is smiling!! This furever home is going to be the B.E.S.T!! Good boy, Jericho!!





Maxine is a very lucky little girl to have found such a loving furever home!! I’ll bet it won’t be long and she’ll be the flower shoppe feline queen!! Lucky little Maxine!!




Hey Keyton!! You did it, buddy!! You got yourself a furever home!! It’s what you deserve!! Bring out the balls of string and catnip cocktails!! Hip! Hip! Hooray!!





All of the other reindogs used to laugh and call her names… but not anymore!! Tasha has found a new family and a place she can call home!! Good girl, Tasha!! You are a sweet girl and deserve the best!!!








Sweet, sweet Rowena!! You have a new home and a new family!! Just one more success story!!







Our precious Jackson!! He now has a home and people to call his own!!








Our crazy, little grey pussycat, Maddie, just purred his way into a new furever home!!






Raven, you gorgeous girl, you!! Those beautiful eyes and all of your sweetness just got you a new furever home!! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect!!






Hurray!! Spider has found his new Furever Home!!




At last… a happy tale for this sweet, social butterfly!! Sylvia now has a furever home high on a hill with Phyl!! I have a feeling the cat’s name will soon be changed to Mittens, but in the mean time… she is exploring her new home and keeping Phyl on her toes!! She was at the shelter since the beginning of November and is adjusting well to her new surroundings!! This appears to be a match made in heaven!! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….





Rafi adoptedRAFI

Rafi, a senior terrier mix, was adopted into his new Furever Home the week before Christmas!! We are so happy for this guy!!






Deon  poodle mixDEON

Deon, a 2-year old poodle mix was also brought to the shelter in November and was recently adopted… just in time for the Holidays!!







kit dachshundKIT

This 5-year old dachshund named Kit came to the shelter in November and was recently adopted!!! Merry Christmas, Kit!!!









What a lucky Bock!!! He has found the perfect Furever Home!!! And just in time for the holidays!!






Hurray for Mittens!! What a Lucky Kitten!! He now has a Furever Home!!!






Carson is now in his Furever Home and doing very well. He was with us for quite some time and he was very deserving of this wonderful outcome!!! Good Boy, Carson!!!






Here is Zane, a 3-month old tiger kitten who came to the shelter the beginning of November. He is a very cute guy and has now been adopted!!






Ralphie is a little orange and white kitten who had been at the shelter since September. He’s a very sweet boy who loves being held and cuddled. He also loves to give kitty kisses. He was recently adopted!!




malachi the dogMALACHI

Malachi is a 4-month old Lab mix who was brought to the shelter in October as a stray. He has now been adopted!!!



humphrey the catHUMPHREY

Humphrey is a 5-year old neutered male Persian who was brought to the shelter as a stray. He was adopted in November and both he and his new person seem very happy to have found each other.